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Lena has exceptional strength for someone who is so small. And for someone who has such strength, she has gentle and soothing touch as well. My girlfriend and I would always look forward to having a massage done by her whenever we travel to Tahoe. It is extremely nice that she is mobile as well. We can just relax in our room after she finishes. Do NOT miss a chance of having a wonderful massage treatment done by her!!!
Date of Posting: 19 May 2015
Posted By: TN
I love Elena massage. She has amazing power and nice touch . she can find your problems and break it down without any pain. I have tried all different massages and Thai massage , truly was wonderful. Every time I come Back to lake I have to have her magic touch. Thanks Elena for making me feel so good.
Date of Posting: 10 May 2015
Posted By: Larisa
I have had many massages over the years and haven't been very impressed often but let me assure you Elena is the real deal. Her strength along with her intuition on what areas need attention- and how to work on them properly - is truly first rate.
I was SO sore after the massage- which is a good thing- since she really worked the numerous knots that have been yearning for attention for far too long.
I'm confident that she could probably give a more "relaxing" massage- if that's what you wanted- but if you want/need some deeper work from a true professional- don't hesitate to call her- you won't be disappointed!
Date of Posting: 29 April 2015
Posted By: Stuart Z.
San Rafael, CA
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